Meet the Artist, Wendy Brunhild

New York born and Michigan raised, artist Wendy Brunhild began her creative career during and after college, where she majored in Film and Broadcast Journalism at Eastern Michigan University. It was there that she was able to turn her internship work, into a permanent position at an ABC affiliate WPEC-TV, in West Palm Beach, Florida. At WPEC, she honed her skills as a video editor and writer, and then left to pursue other avenues, first in Grand Rapids at WOOD TV8, and then back near her hometown of Detroit, Michigan at WDIV TV, and WJBK TV, as both a video editor and a news writer.

Photo of Artist Wendy Brunhild

Her creative juices were always flowing – and Wendy found time to create personal projects with metallic paint and textures, using various tools including spatulas, brushes and sponges in various layering techniques. It was then that she discovered a way to texturize walls with faux painting, and a new passion evolved. That’s when she developed her now signature style with the use of metallic paint and embellishments. Since then, Wendy has enjoyed pairing together different colors with various metallics, to achieve free-flowing designs and layering effects. She later realized there was something special to being able to achieve a three-dimensional look within her work, which helped her move forward as an artist.

Eventually Wendy and her husband sold their publishing business in Michigan, and moved out to Henderson, Nevada. It was during Covid that Wendy allowed herself to fully devote her time and energy into her art, and she discovered she actually had something that might be marketable.


“I feel inspired by what I see here in the desert landscape on a daily basis and try to incorporate that into some of my work. The colors, the shapes – they lend themselves to a different form of creativity with resin and bringing the colors of the desert to life.” – Wendy Brunhild

Although a part of her heart will always be a Midwesterner & Michigander, she loves the lifestyle in Henderson and Las Vegas, and enjoys the opportunities that have come her way as an artist in the arts community.

Wendy is available to work on commission pieces. She is also looking to create a niche in the Judaica marketplace, and has created several pieces for newlywed couples, using their wedding glass on canvas and other materials. She uses a combination of her signature style of metallics, resin, and embellishments of stones, glass, precious gems and other enhancements whenever possible. Please feel free to contact her for more information with regards to commission pieces and holiday orders.