Made By Mako

Mako is a jewelry art designer who makes unique jewelry harnessing natural, gemstone, and essential oil healing properties of the materials she works with and then teaches people how to use those energies to heal the negativity in people's daily lives and look good while doing it!

Who says healing can't be fashionable!? 


Mako's jewelry is all handmade and designed by her especially for you! The silver earring posts are made with sterling silver grade material for those with allergies. Any of the earrings can be modified to have hypo-allergenic posts. 

All jewelry is guaranteed for workmanship and shipping is free!

 For more information about essential oils and to purchase Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils, click here!


More jewelry coming soon so stay tuned!


You can find out more about Mako's social media, monthly free giveaways, and contact information by clicking here!